Resolution Fail

I didn’t really make any resolutions this year because apparently I am very terrible at them. Last year, I resolved to write more. Well guess who never posted to her blog EVEN ONE TIME in 2017?

Oh sure, I have good reasons. Lots of good reasons: resigning at my old job, starting a wonderful new job, selling our first house, living with my mom for 6 months while our new house was built, moving into said new house, keeping up with a toddler, getting pregnant with Baby Two (yay!) …

I’ve tried to identify the cause of the multiple “dry spells” I’ve had since this blog started. They’ve either come from the chaos of severe tragedy or the busyness of complete contentment. Basically, when my life is very bad or very good, I lose my impulse to write. Somewhere in the middle of these extremes is a sweet spot of free time and emotional bandwidth where I can be most productive as a writer.

Self-psychoanalysis aside, these still aren’t very good reasons for a year of radio silence. Writing is something I enjoy. When I do write regularly, I feel more sane and productive. And of course, I hope others enjoy my writing and benefit from my musings as well.

So, I guess this is another resolution … or maybe I’m just setting myself up for failure with 8 weeks left until Baby Two arrives. Only time will tell!

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