I love Pinterest. I love it the same way that I love chocolate and sushi, with an obsessive, indulgent, bingeing love. Recipes, crafts, household tricks, party ideas, design inspiration, DIY projects, parenting GENIUS — it’s like a piñata of goodies for grownups.

Pinning is almost therapeutic for me. I get the satisfaction of being productive with just the click of a button. And I get this phantom sense of accomplishment when I see all the cool things I could do … even if I have no intention of ever making my own laundry detergent or freezing 60 crock pot meals in a bag for only 5 bucks. Power to the ladies (and gentlemen) that do!

In fact, I know I could very easily become a pin-hoarder, someone who pins EVERYTHING but never does anything with it. To avoid this, I am challenging myself to keep a Pinterest checklist.

My goal is to actually become an awesome-handy-crafty-clever person, and not just a FAN of awesome-handy-crafty-clever people. Also, I can report on how things go! Because some of my favorite pins are those Pinterest FAILs. 😀

  1. Brownie in a Mug. DONE and DELICIOUS! See how it went.
  2. Deck of Love. For my special guy, d’awww! See how it went.
  3. Jello Fruit Snacks. You are never too old for fruit snacks. See how it went.
  4. Birds’ Nests. Is is a cookie, or a candy? See how it went.

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