The Little Things

Little Things

I believe in the little things. There are so many small and simple ways to add joy and meaning to our daily lives. Random acts of kindness can carry us through a bad day. Family traditions and holidays create magic amidst the ordinary and set a rhythm for our year. A grateful and positive perspective enables us to find the silver lining and celebrate abundance, no matter our means or situation.

In my kitchen, there hangs a small, painted ceramic plate in the shape of a heart, which I inherited from my mother and she inherited from hers. It reads:

My house is small
No mansion for a millionaire
But there is room for love
And there is room for friends
That is all I care.

So long as we make room for little things, and for friendship and love, our lives will be rich indeed!

2 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. My grandmother had a plate hanging in her kitchen with this saying. It was the one thing I wanted when she passed. Unfortunately, with me on the east coast, I was unable to get to CA when her estate was divided and household items divided, donated and/or sold. I keep scouring the Internet in hopes of finding one to adorn my kitchen wall, but have so far unsuccessful. So glad to hear someone else treasures theirs equally as much!


    • It is so special to have heirlooms like that. I’m sorry you weren’t able to get your Grandmother’s plate. Maybe you could look into a company that does customized or personalized plates that could put the quote on there for you! Etsy has tons of artists that make things like that, too. Of, if you feel crafty, you could try doing it yourself with a plain ceramic or porcelain plate and some bake on markers/Sharpies. Good luck!


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