I come from a foodie family. When I say that, I don’t mean food snobs, I mean folks who really like to cook, bake, and eat! My mother’s talent for baking is something supernatural. People rave about her desserts, especially her Chocolate Chip Cookies. If they only knew her recipe came from the back of the Nestle bag!

This is her secret. Just four simple rules:

  • Never bake distracted.
  • Never bake in a bad mood.
  • Always bake with good ingredients.
  • And always bake with good intentions.

Now, my father taught me a few things, too. Like how to make your own popcorn. And how to create an awesome meal from what’s left in the refrigerator. Good cooking often comes from inspiration and improvisation!

I don’t know a lot of fancy tricks, but I know how to make a mouth happy and a tummy full. Comfort foods, holiday traditions, tried and trues — I like to make memories, not masterpieces. Because the really great recipes have a story.

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