Blogger’s Block

Having a blog is great … when you’re feeling creative, or being productive, or thinking interesting thoughts. Having a blog is not-so-great on a day like today: a lazy, cold Sunday when I have absolutely zero motivation to do anything!

I don’t feel like baking, nor should I indulge in any more sweet treats. Two days of Pretzel Jello Salad for breakfast is pushing it. I also don’t need to cook anything as my fridge is still full of leftover lasagna. And it is far too late in the day (and the weekend) to revamp the cool double-tiered side table I bought at the antique mall or to upcycle that old armoire we aren’t using anymore.

So, what do I blog about?

I spent all day yesterday shopping with my sister-in-law. We found a great fabric shop and great sales at Steinmart and ended the day with junk food and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. A wonderful Saturday, in my opinion, but not really blog-material.

It seems that I have my first case of blogger’s block, but I can tell you it feels more like blogger’s guilt. If I can’t be fabulous every day, or at least every other day, then I don’t deserve to be a blogger. This thought actually crossed my mind. What an outrageous expectation!

In life, we can’t be ON all the time. I need to give myself the same luxury with my blog and not perceive a lapse in posts as a reflection on my abilities or personality or commitment. Sometimes, life and work will be too crazy to post regularly. Sometimes, for no particular reason, I just won’t feel inspired. And that is okay.

So today, I am giving myself permission to stay in my sock monkey pajamas and spend quality time with Pinterest and Netflix! 🙂

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