Preggo’s Best Friend

Confession: I am a cat person. I grew up with three cats: Rajah, Jasmine, and Minnie. I am now the mother of two cats, brother and sister tabbies named Oliver Twist and Penny Lane. And I believe with absolute certainty that I will always have a cat in my life.

Many people claim that cats make poor pets. They say cats are cold, unaffectionate, selfish, and aloof — and they cannot match the loyalty and unconditional love of a dog. While that may be true of some felines, it has certainly not been my personal experience!

As a child, I could always count on Rajah to snuggle me when I needed it most — like when I got to the part of Little Women where Beth died. He knew my voice, only let me rub his belly, and loved to be cradled like a baby. His favorite spot to sleep was on my pillow, wrapped around my head. He may have been the runt of the litter, but for 15 long years he was the best pet a girl could want.

As an adult woman, expecting a child of her own, I still consider my cats dear and true companions. We’ve had Penny and Oliver since they were just two months old. They groom us, talk to us (and back at us), and they consider anywhere we sit or sleep or eat to be communal property.

They are both bursting with personality, and attitude, but I know our lives would be incomplete without them. During my pregnancy, these two have been a constant source of comfort amidst the nausea, exhaustion, and days when I could barely function.

Pregnant ladies take lots of cat naps.

Pregnant ladies take lots of cat naps.

She does love attention.

She does love attention.

Does that look aloof to you?

A common pregnancy “myth” you hear is that animals can sense when you are pregnant. I like to think all the extra snuggles I’ve received the past few months prove the truth of that old wives tale! 🙂

Regardless of where you fall on the cat vs. dog argument, it is hard to deny the true value a pet adds to your life. All the care and bills are totally worth the laughter and friendship a pet offers. Not only do they become part of your family, they become part of your heart.

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