Mashed Potatoes Memories

You know the one thing I don’t like about holidays in the South? No mashed potatoes!!! This midwestern girl doesn’t do rice and gravy.

But in all seriousness, I am missing many things today … especially watching my parents buzzing around their kitchen in perfect symphony, making delicious food and effortlessly playing host. Dad always made the mashed potatoes and mom made the best gravy – all from scratch!

I am blessed to be surrounded by the love and traditions of my in-laws today and tomorrow, but my heart will always ache for those holidays of the past when my family was happy and whole and so madly in love with our life that we never thought it would change.

Right now, my sister is hundreds of miles away with her own in-laws. My mother is valiantly working holiday retail. And here I am, missing them both terribly, and remembering how we’d all pile on the couch next to dad, stuffed and smiling, to watch White Christmas for the millionth time.

These are the days I miss him – and us – the most.

It’s Thanksgiving, so be thankful, but more importantly, be mindful with these memories you’re making. There is no way to know what may come, but the memories of love are a light that doesn’t go out. 💗


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