Orchid You Not

Please excuse the bad pun, but I have a great update to share! Who remembers my Spring Has Sprung post and the Bulbs That Could?

They were so sad and small.

They were so sad and small.

Turns out, they are Hot Pink Asiatic Lilies. And well, I am just giddy about their progress! Behold, the power of nature:

Bam! They got tall!

Bam! They got tall!

One of the bulbs did not survive, but four out of five ain’t bad. 🙂 It has been such a pleasure to watch these grow, week-by-week, sometimes shooting up inches overnight with good rain.

That is a gorgeous shade of pink!

That is a gorgeous shade of pink!

Gardening is good for me, because gardening takes patience and commitment — both things I could use more of in my life. As these lilies so beautifully demonstrate, the wait is worth the reward! And just because you don’t have the best start, that doesn’t determine your future. You reap what you sow.

This wisdom goes far beyond gardening. In relationships, and in personal and professional endeavors, success and growth usually correspond to the time and effort you put in.

And progress doesn’t always come from large sacrifices. The work comes down to little things, making a commitment each and every day with the understanding that you are working towards something important.

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