Spring has sprung!

It is finally here. Warmer weather, storms and showers, green sprouts and flowers — you can’t help but feel energized and renewed!

I seem to be more aware of spring’s arrival this year as I watch the season transform our neighborhood. There are azaleas of every color and wisteria hanging from the trees! Even the clover and wildflowers in the grass of our backyard makes me smile.

Wildflower sounds better than weed.

Wildflower sounds better than weed.

When we bought our home in November, most of the plants were in hibernation. We had no idea what type of flora our home had, if any. Luckily, we did have some beautiful fall leaves.

Our front yard in November.

I didn’t even mind all the raking!

Our first Christmas in the new home was made even more special by the pine cones and sprig of holly I gathered from our yard to decorate. We have several lovely holly bushes that I think are beautiful. The red berries are festive in winter, but the rest of the year you still get to enjoy the rich green leaves!

Our second discovery came towards the end of winter — two giant bushes of pink camellias right under our main window!

Camellias in January.

Camellias in January.

I adore camellias! After that, I couldn’t wait for spring to arrive so I could see what else our yard had in store. Well, the wait is finally over! Turns out that we have four bushes of white double azaleas in the side yard. 🙂

White double azaleas in April.

White double azaleas in April.

I have  just fallen in love with these sweet, little flowers. How is it possible that I have lived in the South for 16 years and never knew about double azaleas? All you ever see are the big ones!

We also have a pink Indian Hawthorne bush next to the front steps.

Pink Indian Hawthorne.

Pink Indian Hawthorne.

I have to admit, I had this wiry little bush marked for demolition in the summer — he looked so sad in the fall when we bought the house. Now, I think I will keep him around!

But the biggest surprise of all has been my miracle bulbs.


At Thanksgiving dinner with my husband’s family, right after we bought the house, I was given a very sweet gift by a family member: five lily bulbs taken from their beautiful garden.

In all the hustle and bustle of settling in to the house, I have to admit that my little grocery bag of bulbs was put in a garden bench and forgotten! We didn’t remember them until LAST WEEKEND! Four months out of the ground with no water or sunlight, and wouldn’t you know that they were still alive, growing right through the plastic bag.

So, I planted them in a hurry, and look how they have persevered!

I believe they are Trumpet Lilies.

I believe they are Trumpet Lilies.

I wish I had taken a before picture … they were such sad, blanched, starving little things. Just one week and a good rain storm later, and they are not only alive, but thriving. It is truly amazing!

To me, that is the real wonder of spring. Yes, it is dazzling when color blooms so suddenly from dead leaves and dormant branches, but the real beauty of this fireworks display is the very simple realization that no matter what, life always finds a way.

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