Brownie in a Mug

This pin was very easy to check off my Pinterest Challenge. In fact, I have literally made it a dozen times in the last month. I may or may not have the recipe memorized. I mean, instant comfort food? It doesn’t get better than that! It is also nice for a two-person household that does NOT need an entire batch of brownies sitting around.

I find the portion to be a little big for one person, so usually I scoop out half of the brownie for the hubby and fill that little nook with ice cream. Also, I would recommend making it with vegetable oil instead of olive oil. The olive oil is a bit strong for me, and the flavor can come through the chocolate. Which is weird. Like a chocolate covered garlic breadstick. 😦

Another nice tweak is to plop a spoonful of Nutella on that sucker after it’s done in the microwave! Ooey-gooey brownie covered in melty Nutella goodness. Yes, please!

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